Blockchain 101: Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps

Cryptocurrency trading is one of the most widely used trading market in the world. With over 1000 digital currencies, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum is currently the top shareholders in this system.

The digital trading market is currently experiencing its best trading years in the history. There are many crypto trading platforms that offer you various trading options in the market. You can trade from cryptocurrency to fiat currency as well as from one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency.

As cryptocurrencies fluctuate at high rates in terms of price, their trade is quite a risky business. The chances of your coin losing half of its worth in a matter of days is the same as it doubling in price in the same time period. This unpredictability makes the market very difficult to trade into. However, this unusually high volatility is also a major reason for the industry’s growing popularity.

But apart from this volatility, what is the biggest threat of trading cryptocurrencies? You guessed it right. It’s the lack of trust.

Ever since the creation of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, in 2009, the blockchain and cryptocurrencies have become a very significant assets and commodities to trade. According to some, even more significant than Gold or Silver since you can virtually trade it anytime anywhere you like.

But there has been one hot topic that the crypto currency desperately needs an answer to: A safe peer-to-peer crypto trade. The vulnerability of an unregulated system does not ensure a secure trading system.

Unfortunately, the world is slowly moving towards the blockchain regulation and centralization in many parts of the world. Alternately, the best solution to guarantee safe P2P decentralized crypto trade is Atomic Swaps.

What are Atomic Swaps in Blockchain?

Atomic Swaps are the biggest revolutionary technology that can potentially solve many problems in the crypto trading systems. But what is an atomic swap?

Atomic Swap is a smart contract concept that enables the transfer or exchange of cryptocurrencies from one wallet to another wallet directly bypassing every centralized barrier, for example, cryptocurrency exchanges.

History of Atomic Swaps


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