Bitcoin Cash Meetups Go Virtual in Japan

The Japanese crypto community is looking to take things forward responsibly in face of the deadly threat from the Coronavirus. The community is now working in other ways to continue the progress of various projects. The Bitcoin Cash developer community based in Osaka and capital Tokyo has recently reportedly agreed that they will be having their meetings virtually regarding the future of the Bitcoin fork.

While Japan has worked well to ward off the enormous threat of the deadly virus in the country, the government and the public are eager to ensure that the disease doesn’t gain further ground in the region. The government has announced public holidays and encouraged the Japanese people to practice social distancing. The crypto community is paying heed to these recommendations and is now looking to implement it in its full spirit. Japan is especially vulnerable as it is home to one of the largest elderly populations per capita in the world. Other older populations including Italy and China have been among the hardest hit in the world and thousands of people have died as a result of it. 

Bitcoin Cash Events Cancelled

The Tokyo Bitcoin Cash committee, one of the most active such organizations in the country had two major events planned in March alone and have now reorganized them to become virtual meetups instead in face of the threat from the virus. 

Organizer Akane Yokoo proposed this virtual meeting to the group of “cashers” who support Bitcoin’s largest fork on March 17. He said:

“Our virtual meetups will start this coming Wednesday March 18th from 7:30pm and we plan to host every Wednesday at the same time when our physical meetups happen.”

But, at the same time, buoyed by the success of the country against the spread, Akane also proposed limited in-person meetings in the future for those who are taking necessary precautions and have no issues with access to various hygiene products that are currently in short supply across the country due to hoarding including masks, hand sanitizers and toilet paper. 

He said:

“Even though we do not want to encourage members to go out and get sick, members should be free to do whatever they choose to do. If they choose to get together physically, the merchants are open for business as usual.”

Japan trying Alternative Work Approaches

Switching to a more home-based work process is not easy but Japan is relying on a large innovative infrastructure to help make sure that it works. Not all events can easily be transferred to a more virtual existence as a recent TEAMZ blockchain event was cancelled. Japan’s annual spring festival including the famous cherry blossom season has been postponed this year after tens of decades for the very first time just like the Chinese new year in China was canceled last month. Public gatherings overall are being limited as well so a few blockchain events slated for later this year are going to be affected heavily. But, the crypto industry overall is extremely innovative and is well-equipped to take the challenge head-on and offer realistic alternatives.

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